Flying the Friendly Skies with Lil’ Kim

Hey there blog. Heyyy there followers (insert playful finger-gun and pleasant wink here). Back by popular demand (by my sister, and probably nobody else; all goodie, I’m still chillin.) After about two weeks I’M BACK BABY I’M BACK (read that last line in a female Southie Bostonian accent, then go back to normal). How are you? I’m well. Coming at you LIVE from the friendly skies, literally on one of my return flights from Boston to Cali. I just hammed down a bag of dried blueberries from Trader Joe’s (thanks Mom) and probably have attractive blueberry dust all over my lips as I write this entry. I wonder what the guy to my left must think… All goodie, though, all goood. So the clouds are pretty nice up here, purty serene I’d say… I don’t really have anything of great interest to say at the moment, to be quite honest. I just figured I’d start typing since I ran out of dried blueberries. Oooo I do have some chocolate left, I’ll ham that down a little later. Gotta finish this blog post first though, priorities, priorities. So… What’s new with yall? Any comments for me? Ehhh? Nobody’s ever left comments yet on my awesome blog. I wonder why? I literally have so many followers that I could count them on one hand. Hehehe, always nice to laugh at your own jokes that aren’t funny, ahhh I do it all the time. Welllll…. I think that’s enough for now, I’m gonna finish that chocolate, and maybe read a bit of Dance with Dragons to get more inspired. Inspire me George R.R. Martin, por favor inspire me. FYI they just walked by with a snack cart. For a split second I was like “Ooooo snacks, yeahhh.” Then I realized that all the snacks are pretty not tasty and not pleasant. Mehhh whatever I gots my chocolates. I’m quite parched though I must say, quite parched. I nice tall glass of ice water with a bit of citrus zest would be rather ideal right now. Anyway anyway, now I’m really gonna go. Maybe I’ll come back, we shall see we shall see. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this useful post filled with superdy duper insightful information. Until next time, friends.

Yours as always with sincerity, David. (And/or Dave and/or Your Radiance.) Now I must depart to a land of dragons and lust and Meereenese tokars exposing the left breast, a la 1999 VMAs Lil’ Kim. Farewell friends, we shall meet again on the morrow! [Probably not, but soon enough, soon enough. Aight, later errbody. Peace and love yall <3.]