An Open Letter to my Viewers…

If I ever come off as a huge terd for anything that I post here, please call me out for it. I realize that my previous post wasn’t exactly feel-good, and wasn’t entirely warranted. As a candid commenter noted, every airline has the same policy that I was adamantly condemning. Does that make the policy morally correct? No. Were my frustrations unfairly targeting only one airline? Yep. Do you like reading about people moaning and groaning online? Probably not… so I’ll keep my grievances to myself for now, and share only what might actually be useful and positive for any viewers who pass by.

I was going to delete the previous post, but instead figured I’d leave it up as a valuable life lesson. That being, don’t be an ass, and take criticism as a means for improvement rather than a personal attack. Not all critiques are valid, but separate your personal feelings from the situation to determine when your critic might have a valid point. That’s all for now. Be easy.



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