Alright, about me section…. My name is Dave, call me captain if you want, or call me anything you want… makes no difference. I’m currently a PhD candidate studying genetics and populations of maize from Mexico. I enjoy playing basketball, particularly swatting shots on the defensive end. I’m also constantly trying to up my game with regard to Spanish fluency, and would like to learn Mandarin Chinese at some point as well.

I enjoy eating delicious foods, generally fruits and vegetables and copious amounts of tree nuts, as well as many different varieties of meats and poultry (particularly those with ample fat; i.e. pork belly, lamb, duck, etc. etc.). I don’t exactly know where I’m headed after my PhD, just taking it one day at a time. I’m trying to use this blog as a sort of creative outlet, with no clear objective in mind, just me and my thoughts. Join me if you like. We goin’ on a journey. Aight that’s a good enough bio for now. Davy out, peace 1 LUV!!! (jk jk. But really, 1 luv.)

P.S. Follow me on twitter @Davy_OD and insta @davy.od

Shout outs to BOSTON.


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